Churches Planting Churches Training

Many pastors and church leaders desire to reproduce churches through starting new churches. Often there seem to be more questions than answers on how to accomplish this task. Many would love to have a guide that would assist their congregation in making this church planting dream a reality.

Part of the Send North America strategy of the North American Mission Board is to help churches find answers. To help accomplish this we have partnered with the training network, Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), to offer “Churches Planting Churches” Training (CPCT). This is a biblically-based, practical resource. The event is a “workshop” for planting new churches, not a conference.  You will actually work with your team to complete an implementation assignment before you leave the CPCT.

Who is this training for?

  • If you are a pastor or church leader who has never planted a church and want to learn basic principles and steps to engage in church planting.
  • If you would like to learn more about being a Sending Church (or Mother Church).

When the training has concluded, you will be able to…

  • Begin to envision what God may do through you and your congregation
  • Overcome barriers, answer fears and objections to starting a new church
  • Implement a six-step process to successfully plant new churches

Look for a CPCT event coming soon to your region of North America.

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Because of the generous gifts to the Cooperative Program, the majority of the expenses for the Churches Planting Churches Training has been provided. The cost per person is $30 to cover meals and refreshments provided during the training. For trainings held in the United States, these costs will be taken during online registration. For trainings held in Canada, it will be taken on-site.



See What Others are Saying

“New churches need intentional support and an unmistakable commitment from their mother churches.  The “Churches Planting Churches” training gave us some biblical and practical ways that we can foster a healthy relationship with our daughter churches.  Church leaders, please make time for this important training.  You won’t regret it!”  – Dr. Michael O’Neal, Minister of Evangelism and Missions, FBC Cumming, GA


“It was a very multi-faceted training that gave us the ability to have some concrete steps to take in the church planting process. It was great to hear about not only the successes, but also the mistakes that churches and planters have made. We were able to gain some great wisdom and insight from the training that will help us to become a stronger church that will plant stronger churches.” – Dustin Wilbanks, Missions/Church Planting Pastor Hebron Baptist Church Dacula, GA


 “This training will prove to be a turning point in the trajectory of the ministry I will engage in through the rest of my life.” – Chad Wilkins, Pastor


“This training is essential to any and every church that wants to obey God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission but doesn’t know where to start. After this training, the excuses will be gone and the vision will have started to develop.” – Noah Oldham, Pastor August Gate Church

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